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A short overview of the history and development of the central union of rural and agricultural  cooperatives of Iran.

After establishing the unions of rural cooperatives in cities , there was a need to establish the central union centered in Tehran .subsequently the by -law   provided and was approved in 29/10/1976 in general assembly and in 25/2/1977 under the No. 28348 was registered in office for registration of firms and practically at the same year with 168 unions all through the country and with RLS 42080000 as the first investment consisting 4208 share of  RLS 10000 and the objectives which were previously assigned in By- law, started its activities that the most important of these activities are as follow:

Top of Form

Provision and supplying of agricultural inputs including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and machinery, tools and appliances for food and other necessities for villagers.

On the other hand, and during the constraint war and according to the happened situation ,its activities increased and other responsibilities such as distributing the quota goods , distribution of awards wheat plan, and distribution of goods and commodities to the rural couple were added to the central union activities .Now the head office is placed in Tehran ; No.514,Felestin Shomali,St. and its realm of operation is all through the country of Iran.

In 1999  ,after  forming  the Unions of provinces rural Cooperatives the capital of  city cooperatives was moved to the provinces Unions and currently  it has 31 main members of the province unions and  at the end of the year 2011 its capital is more than Miliyard Rials 17.


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