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Central Union of Rural and Agricultural Cooperatives of IRAN appeared as an Apex level organization in 1977 and was committed to policy making ,supporting ,guiding and supervision on its subordinate Network and gives services to its members in Agricultural field. Nowadays CURACI is big enough to cover 31 PROVINCE UNIONS, 320 SUBSET UNIONS, 4500 COOPERATIVE CORPORATION ,5.5 MILLIONS PRODUCERS and POPULATION MORE THAN 25 MILLIONS INDIVIDUALS. In addition there exist 4 economically viable complexes namely Jiroft, Shahid Rajayee , Aida and Navid Bar establishments having wide ranges of productions and services to their target beneficiaries.

Right after registration ,CURACI became operational using an initial start -up capital amounted 1680$ with a predefined scopes and objectives articulated in its by-laws including but not limited to the following :

-policy making supporting guiding and supervising the operations by addressing national developmental strategy over the network

-Rendering infrastructural assistance and on-farm services to the farmers and practitioners of the network as to recognize and enhance their farming –processing or marketing businesses towards a sustainable production and income generation

-Supplying all needed inputs e.g. chemicals  ,fertilizers,seeds,saplings,machinery,spareparts, home appliances , foodstuffs and else ,supported by forwarding technical training / advices and executive guidelines.

-Marketing surplus products in local markets or abroad

This union has used TROCA brand to export its product in foreign markets

Address: No.514 North Felestin St. , Tehran.Iran

Tel: +9821 88966532 - 84082200 Fax: +9821 88964166

Email: trade@trocairan.com ,info@trocairan.com



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