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AIDA food


Isfahan  food processing industries


Isfahan food industries is an affiliate of central union of rural and agricultural cooperatives of Iran with over 50 years of experiences in manufacturing food products , under the" Aida international "and  "Troca Iran " trade name within an area of 7 hectares.

There are administrative and welfare buildings ,an amphitheater ,waste water refinery pools, water supplying, sewage  treatment  , annex  warehouses , production and expansion halls and modern equipped laboratories.

The capacity of the factory is MT 12000 ( tomato paste ) and MT 6000  fruit  puree in a year .

Different kind of jams , pickles ,caned pasteurized tomato paste are the other products of the factory .

Due to the good performances and producing of high quality products ,the factory could get many certificates such as : LUX , control certification from TUV company in Germany , ISO -22000 and Halal food certificate.

 Nominal Reception Capacity: 450 tons of  (Daily)raw tomato

-           Packing line capacity for tomato paste in a year: 17,550,000 cans

 -    Daily production capacity: 60.000  bean cans ( 2000 tons in a year)

- Production Capacity: 5760 tons of aseptic paste+9000 tons of aseptic puree

-       Packing line capacity for tomato paste in a year: 17,550,000 cans

-       Bottling capacity for drinking water in a year: 17,550,000 bottles

 Address: No.514 North Felestin St. , Tehran.Iran

Tel: +9821 88966532 - 84082200 Fax: +9821 88964166

Email: trade@trocairan.com ,info@trocairan.com



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